A movement of young adults ages 18 to 21 who find their identity in Christ, know their God given purpose, and are the drivers and pioneers of the Christian faith, making disciples of those older and younger to bring waves of people to Christ.


To disciple those who are 18 to 21, bring them closer to God, and help them achieve their God given purpose through videos, published material, social media, events, mentoring, Bible studies, small groups and more in a variety of settings.

1821 is...

18:21 is a ministry born out of Word Tabernacle Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. 18:21 was launched by leaders who are being led by Christ to help those coming up after them navigate through life to reach the place God desires for them. Its founders are all over 21 and each have their own story about the ups and downs of their 18 through 21 years. It can be a very tumultuous time, and without proper guidance, support, and grounding its very easy to feel lost, off track, out of place, consumed by the world, or on top of the world with a false sense of security that has not yet been tested. 18:21 exists so that young adults don’t have to navigate the transition into adulthood without God, or by themselves. 18:21 exists to bring others to the one true God, God who saves, restores, promises, protects, leads, encourages, and gives the ultimate gift, eternal life!